April 17, 2009

SOB Business Cafe 04-17-09

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The Specials this Week are

Left the Box says …
People like to be in the loop, being the first to know something means you’re important. You know something other people don’t know. Unlike an expensive car, you can’t show off information, without giving it away – which is exactly what people do.

Share This or Else! – What Makes People Share Content?

Rock Your Day sets us straight …
“I’m so busy with my job, I can’t start working out now. You know how it is.”
“I’m so strapped for cash I can’t start saving money. Isn’t everyone?”
“I hate my job, but in this economy … what are you going to do?”

Why You’re Not Doing The Things You Said You Wanted To, Part 4

Presentation Zen explains …
Shai’s delivery was not slick or polished, nor were his visuals, but he was himself, relaxed, and totally engaging. It was an excellent talk given in the “Naked,” natural style. His pacing was good: not too slow, not too fast. He was a worthy messenger of an important topic, perhaps the most important topic of our day. If his goal was to get us talking, it worked.

Shai Agassi: The most important talk at TED 09

Marketing Pilgrim reveals …
Mike Morgan, the creator of the gripe site www.GoldmanSachs666.com (clever Number of the Beast usage there, Mike) did what many bloggers often talk about but rarely do; he went on the legal offensive.

When Bloggers Attack!

Technosailor tilts the lens …
Here’s the question of the day. If your name is mentioned in some kind of conversation, whether on the internet or offline, how do people identify you? Are you the founder of a company that does something? Are you a blogger? Photographer?

When they hear your name, do they associate you with a movement? Are you an expert in something? Does your reputation put you in a position of leadership or authority?

But Once You’re Gone, You Don’t Come Back

Related ala carte selections include

mariareyesmcdavis recommends
Ran across a great post of Insights on and from Twitter (directly from users) about what it’s all about and what’s really up with this phenom called Twitter.

Twitter Insights from the Community

Oh and..
Invest in your future.

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–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. April 18th, 2009 at 9:34 am
    Samir Balwani said

    Hey Liz – Thanks for including me in this post. I’m glad you enjoyed my article!

  2. April 28th, 2009 at 2:56 am
    Maria Reyes-McDavis said

    Thanks Liz for sharing these great posts and my little snippet :-) Coming from you, that’s super!

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