121: What Makes Your Heart Sing?

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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

DAWUD MIRACLE asked me (and you),

What’s one, core thing that makes your heart sing? Could be anything. But something that really blows your heart wide open.

Aw, Dawud, that’s too easy . . . I love the view from outer space and from inside your computer.

All of my life I’ve been about people. There’s you, Chris, Sandy, Wendy, Lorelle who knows Chrisg, my essential man, Terry, Sean R., Jeff, a BawldGuy Talking, and so many more.

and how they learn. I’ve been teaching since I was ten. Put that together with love of relationships — connections in information and connections between people and you’re getting close to who I am.

Of course I love my family. I love music. I love dancing.

But I’m a saturation kind of a person. I dedicate myself to one thing. When I do something I don’t just pick it up. I don’t get just involved. I go on a quest. What makes my heart beat and gets my head focused is . . . is building things, playing with strategies and concepts, focusing visions, getting rid of the muck and showing folks how to unstuck and helping people chose their customers and attract them.

I especially love helping folks who aren’t sure what they should be doing.

It’s fun to help people discover where their passion lies. I guess it appeals to the a teacher in me. Just let me start with a question. Then I get to do go looking for relationships while I’m listening to another person talking — two of my favorite things.

I keep asking questions and in the words I hear folks describe the people and ideas that they would love to spend their waking hours with.

By the time I start mentioning what I’m observing, I’ve already got a big smile on my face. It’s so fun to say, “hey, did you hear that? It was beautiful what you just said. Did you notice how many times you’ve talked about . . .? You seem to be really into . . .?” And to hear back, “Oh yean, I guess I am.”

That’s when it gets just like two kids playing.

And they call this my work.

How could I not be jazzed!

I that that would be what makes my heart sing.

Everyone else, what makes YOUR heart sing?

And since this is a one2one conversation… to Dawud, (and you too)

What’s the the part of business, besidss relationships, that you look forward to doing more of?

If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear your answer too. –ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    Hi Liz!

    I’ve been lurking and eavesdropping, and finally mustered up the courage to leave a note on what makes my heart sing on Dawud’s site (it’s awaiting moderation.)

    Trust me, I was shocked that I had to do quite a bit of soul searching to find out what ‘blows my heart wide open.’ I had to break so many barriers, mental blocks and inhibitions just to find out what really makes me h a p p y.

    And about today’s one2one, I’m not sure if I understand the context… part of what business am I looking forward to doing? At work? Or as in business-business? Or personal business?

    If it’s the business of living in general, I’m plainly looking forward to living a life where I’m comfortable in my own skin.

    Where I don’t have to pretend I’m Dirty Harry :)

  2. says

    Hi Liz, I have just been thinking and somehow it relates to Dawud’s question.

    What makes my heart sing is the spirit of sharing.

    I’ve had fun doing a bunch of things, but what felt fun in a certain heart-blowing way is when I created something that I can share with others.

    It could be an article I wrote, or a guide I submitted to GameFAQs, or when I fixed a certain CSS bug in my friend’s project, or things like that.

    I do web design for a living, but actually sharing things just like that without worrying about monetary rewards truly makes my heart sing.

  3. says

    Hi Zakman!
    I purposely left the question open so that you could pick to interpret it anyway that you want to. What do you wish you had more of in any part of business, in any kind of business was what I meant.

    I like how you interpreted it to mean the business of life. Feeling good in my own skin too my whole life so far to get where I am. Finding my feet has also been quite a slow process. AND just when I think I’ve found them, they head in the most unusual direction. :)

  4. says

    Hi Hafiz!
    Welcome to the conversation!
    I know that feeling! It’s like sailing on a wind current of playing. It’s kind of like being a little kid again, when we didn’t worry about things like who did what, only whether what we did was a quality experience — not that we knew we were judging quality. :)

    Yep! I’m with you! I bet you’re fun to work with. :)

  5. says

    Hi Hafiz!

    You’re cool!

    You just rekindled so many memories of when I was living in California…. oh yeah, I always shared (or just gave away) anything. But then, I think I was doing it only to gain approval… purely a selfish motive.

    Either way, it used to blast my heart open… but it was through the eyes of other people.

    True singing of the heart is, I think, when the other heart I share with sings, too…

    … as you’re doing, Hafiz :)

  6. says

    Hi Liz,

    Just so you know, I’m not really the happiest guy in the world in fact I’m rather cynical and grumpy at times but that doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t sing out once in awhile. I guess you can best describe me as a “cynical optimist”.


    Life(!) makes my heart sing.

    And there is so much to life itself I just can’t (there’s that word again, Liz) narrow it down to one thing or another but if I could:

    -Helping others when they’re not expecting it and not expecting any retribution. After all…it was my choice to help them.

    -Being with someone who doesn’t speak my language and still being able to communicate.

    -Looking out at the surface of the ocean and knowing that there is nothing but water for hundreds of miles around me.

    -Watching the dolphins play in the bow wave of my old submarine during a Caribbean evening while the wake glows green behind me.

    -Doing something almost no one has ever done before.

    -Being able to “pass on” a favor.

    -When I find myself in the right place at the right time.

    -That one moment when the camaraderie amongst a small group of friends is at it’s peak…and not a word is spoken.


    And there’s a ton more after that but I’ll stop here. There’s errands to run after all. 😀

  7. says

    Oh no! You have blown your whole image!! I’ve been sitting here thinking you were made of cotton candy. [sigh] [I regroup] [I walk around to regain my balance. Well, actually I go to the kitchen to get a beverage.]

    Sounds like you have a wonderful world view . . . you might consider a career in training folks in the art of cynical optimism. :)

  8. says

    You have so wonderfully explained the “addiction” of blogging, Liz. It’s work that is play and play that is work. Wonderful! Thank you.

  9. says

    Liz – I was able to experience that special in-vein hit in Boise Thursday. I met a recent seminar attendee at a great local coffee house that is set up as a giant living room in one room, and a giant dining room in another.

    He was excited that I made time to meet him, which is a joke because it’s like a junkie ‘making time’ to inject his next hit. :)

    By the time our time was finished, about 90 minutes, I was high, and he needed to calm down. I imagine it’s something akin to how Willie Mays used to feel when he hit yet another game winning homer.

    It’s been two days and I’m already Jonesing. :)

  10. says

    Hey Jeff!
    I’m so smiling reading your comment. That’s WAY COOL. You are in your element!! YEAH!

    When time goes by and you don’t even think about who you are. That’s amore!

  11. says

    Hey Liz,

    The Art of Cynical Optimism? Darn! And I just changed my blog’s tag line too.

    Oh well…if I ever have the opportunity to quite the day job, there’s a great title for a new blog or at least a great tag line for one. :)

  12. says

    Hi, Liz!

    What makes my heart sing? It has taken me awhile to uncover it, and I’m still working on it. Here’s what I know, for sure…

    There’s nothing better than helping creative women get ‘unstuck’ so they can make their big idea *happen.*

    It’s about listening, and breaking down an overwhelming problem into bite-sized, edible morsels. :-)

    Jeff, congratulations on your high! :-) I know what you’re talking about, lol.

    Liz, I wish you a Happy Birthday, and many more!

  13. says

    what makes my heart sing.. .two things popped into the old noggin right away. First , anticipating and being two steps ahead of what our guests would want and need and watch their delight.

    second doing more than I think I can with my horses. Today’s show was tough competition and while i had the butterflies; managed to get em “in formation” did well, though learned ALOT

    gp in montana

  14. says

    Hi Dar!
    Getting unstuck is a BIG deal and well worth singing about. It sure doesn’t seem real at first. We keep looking in the mirror to be sure. But you keep on singing . . .:)

    Thanks for the kind wishes. :)

  15. says

    Oh GP!
    I can see you with mischief in your soul picking out what would make someone smile (hmmm do I hear the word limo ?) :) It’s so you; you are perception and thought in a person.

    Why am I not surprised to hear that your heart is singing about a Saturday that involves butterflies and horses? The only thing missing is strawberry shortcake! :)

  16. says

    Ah yes, those questions. You’ve pulled so much out of me already with those questions, I can hardly wait for the next batch of them. I look forward to our next dance! All the best.

  17. says

    Hi Terry!
    Wait until you see the series that’s starting this week. I’ve not taking you down this road before. I’ve only been there and walked others there — never blogged this or seen it blogged. :)

  18. says

    Quote: July 14th, 2007 at 5:58 am
    zakman said Hi Liz!

    I’ve been lurking and eavesdropping, and finally mustered up the courage to leave a note on what makes my heart sing on Dawud’s site (it’s awaiting moderation.)

    My comment at Dawud’s has not been approved :(

    Maybe I said something terribly wrong :(

    Or maybe, as you said, “…AND just when I think I’ve found my feet, they head in the most unusual direction…”

    Sorry Liz for being such a cry baby.

  19. says

    Hi Zakman,
    No way. It got caught in Akismet or some such. It happens all of time . . . ask Mike Dewitt. Akismet loves to eat his words. Or maybe Dawud missed it in moderation still. :) Hang on. :)

  20. says

    It’s okay, Liz!

    It’s still ‘under moderation’ at Dawud’s, but it’s okay :)

    I have a copy of the text and let me post it here :):

    Hi Dawud!

    I’m coming here from Liz’s site and eavesdropping with invitation.

    What makes my heart sing? When someone asks me for a favour and when I’m able to do it. (It happens each time Haley’s Comet passes by.)

    For example, a couple months ago, my 14-year old niece asked me for some help with doing research on the Web for her school project.

    Alright, this is gonna sound stupid and immature — but I was overjoyed! So even I can really be of some use to someone?

    She thanked me when it was over, but the inside of me said, “Thank YOU.”

    I’m pretty sure my post was lost in moderation or Akismet the ‘good devil’ ate it up :)

  21. says

    Hey Zakman,
    That’s so cool. Not stupid and immature. What’da doing being so hard on yourself? Cut yourself some slack. You’re a friend of mine and I have great taste. :)

    BTW, I think you should go repost is at Dawud’s too. :)

  22. says

    Zakman, sorry for the long wait in moderation. I was away with my family for the weekend. You’re comment was approved this morning. So it’s up now.

    What else makes my heart sing…the crisp night air on a cloudless night along Lake Michigan.

    I got my daughter (3 yrs-old) out of the tent to go peeps (as she calls potty) in the middle of the night. As she looked up in the clear night sky from behind eyes barely awake, she said, “daddy where did all the stars come from? They’re sure gor-gee-ous.”

  23. says

    Hey Liz, Dawud,

    Let’s keep our personal like stuff ta’home where it belongs (huff-huff and all that). 😀

    That’s a wonderful story, Dawud. It would certainly make my heart sing. I’ve had the great opportunity to take care of a whole lot of kids in the past and even the “troubled” ones always found a way to bring a smile to my face.

    I’ve been meaning to stop by your end of things and say hello and inflict my thoughts upon you as well (Liz, is soo patient don’t you think?). It seems I keep adding more things to my list of places to visit faster than I’ve had the time to do the visiting.

  24. says

    Zackman – Yeah, like Liz said. Go easy on Zackman. Lighten up on him. Let him be. He’s cool. :-)

    Kirk – With any luck, we’ll discover your affliction is contagious, and it’ll spread like wildfire. hehe

    Dawud – Now, *that* is magical — and what a precious memory to treasure… :-)

  25. says

    Aw, Liz. Now you’ve gone and made my day. Thank you. I was going to say, “I can’t thank you enough,” but I’m working hard not to say that can’t word… LOL

    That is a compliment, indeed. :-) (I’m beaming now, even if you can’t see it.) Or, can you? 😉

  26. says

    Let me say you are a fabulous teacher/blogger – clearly, one of the best around.

    So, in response to your worthy query, allow me to dip my toe in the water for the first time at your site.

    The short answer for me is… knowing that I know very little that’s more important than simply being a a friend and a helpmate to all I encounter… and my lofty delusions of grandeur are ultimately for amusement purposes only.

    Words very often just get in the way… and I am happiest being the work-in-progress I am… just being present in the here-and-now.

    Thank you for your invitation to respond.

  27. says

    Hi Lark!
    Great to hear you take a compliment so well. It’s good to know what we’re good at. :)

    Of course I can see you. You’re right here in my comment box. :)

    Thank you for calling me a great teacher.

    You’re not a stranger. :)

  28. says

    Alright Liz, Dawud, Dar…

    I get the message. I’m gonna relax and ‘cut myself some slack.’

    I got the following comment to one of my posts this evening:

    You really are the ultimate schmoozer aren’t you!!!

    Hope you are going to write more posts like this, you do write really well and I’m not talking about this post only, the comments you leave are always so eloquent as well

    That had me thinking a little different. Maybe I’m not so bad. Maybe I just need to change my shoes. Maybe I’m setting myself impossible goals.

    You guys are gor-gee-ous. And I AM too :)

  29. David says

    MY HEART SINGS every time I am totally engrossed in worship of my Lord Jesus Christ…
    Whenever I am talking or preaching on insights gleaned from scriptures…
    Whenever I write christian blogs in my own unique way and folks read them and are lifted…
    When I am with a creative, cheerful, kind, and intelligent lady having a fun chat.

  30. says

    hi i am 11 years old and we are doinf a story about what makes my heart sing and this is mine

    when i wake up in the foggy frosty morning and here a neigh from my horse i no its time to feed him. when i mix his feed and take it out to him he thanks me by givving me a cuddle.thats what always makes my heart sing when his around me. when i go to school i tink about him all day at school and when i get home and he sees my he will give me a warm friendly niegh i no its time for his feed again. i love my special horse Mr Squiggles

    thank you

    my horse is called Mr Squiggles and i love him and his name gtg bye

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