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This is where Successful and Outstanding people, businesses, and bloggers meet to talk about ideas, branding, and thinking outside the box. The content is organized, thorough, and relevant. The conversation is fun, fast, and sometimes irreverent. The snacks and beverages are keep in sidebar, help yourself and stay as long as you like. Comments are appreciated. My name’s Liz. I pretty much live here.


In 2006, as a professional blogger, I established this NEW Blogger Page on Successful-Blog. I filled it with links to resources and advice for people starting a new blog. Yet, as my blog and my business kept growing and changing, the New Blogger Page moved to the background of what I did. Social media networks needed exploring. SOBCon and my own business were growing. New clients were taking the time I used to have for keeping the page in it’s most updated condition.

Yet my blog still supports me and my business endeavors, especially as content strategy, content marketing, and content management have all become critically important to every business. So I’ve decided to reinvest in the New Business Blogger Page with an eye how blogs fit within Successful Online Business Strategy today. I’ve read through the original links and spent hours researching more. Every link included is here because the content is important to succeeding.

New beginnings inspire and energize me.
I’ll be publishing new blog posts filled with resources for successful and outstanding bloggers today.

Great Business Blogs to Read

Great bloggers read great blogs. Here’s where to find some to use to determine your own standards, to see what works with your potential audience, to begin relationships with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs.

  1. Understanding and Reading a Blog (for Newcomers) This entry is timeless, relevant content from John Dvorak..
  2. How to organize and read the blogs you like Setting up an RSS Reader
  3. 10 Top Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful
    SocialMedia Examiner highlights 10 Great Business Blog Models
  4. Google Blog Search

  5. Top 50 Business Blogs by BlogRank’s deep blog rank directory built on a 20 criteria algorithm
  6. Blogging Business
    Best business blogs selected by Fast Company
  7. 10 Essential Business Blogs You Should Be Following
    FastupFront recommends 10 Great Business Blogs

What Makes a Successful and Outstanding Business Blog?

Advice from Successful and Outstanding Business Bloggers to share the culture, the best practices, and the “rules.”

  1. The Secret to a Successful and Outstanding Blog
    What made this blog successful.
  2. 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers
    AMEX Open Forum asked 50 of the Best
  3. “Online or Offline, this is the Key to Success.”
    The key ingredient via Chris Garrett.
  4. How to create a great website
    Website or blog, the principles are the same. Seth knows what he’s saying.
  5. 8 Top Pro Bloggers Answer One Important Question
    JJohn Paul Aguiar asks What is the One thing bloggers need to do today to succeed that they didn’t have to do in the past?
  6. How to Build a Somewhat Successful Blog: 16 Lessons I Have Learned from the Positivity Blog
    Pay attention to success reported by smart bloggers in their first year.
  7. What Makes a Blog Successful?
    Readers know a lot about what makes a good blog tick.
  8. How to Build an Authority Blog: Tips from the Experts
    Understand what works. A successful blog is more investment than luck.
  9. What Really Makes A Successful Business Blog?
    Are you there to build your opportunity or to help people build theirs?
  10. How to write a successful business blog
    techradar with specific tips for successful business blogs
  11. 5 Reasons Why Business Blogs Fail
    A Checklist worth noting from Lee Odden’s TopRank Blog
  12. 7 Fatal Business Blogging Mistakes (And Easy Fixes!)
    Mistakes most every business blog makes
  13. Building Blocks for a Successful Business Blog
    by Better Business Blogging
  14. Drive a High Performance Blog and Watch Your Numbers Go Up
    The right fuel with the right driver can take a great blog to performance numbers that hit the top

After 5000+ blog posts, I can say this for certain …
If you don’t have a blog in your business strategy, your strategy has a gaping hole.
You’re missing a chance to connect with customers around your deepest and most useful expertise. You’re working right past the opportunity to show customers how you can make their work and their lives easier, faster, and more meaningful.

Easier, faster, more meaningful are irresistible.

Be irresistible
–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz on your business!!

More updates to come.

Starting Out

Prelaunch Blog Review Checklist
What Makes A Successful Blog?
Know Your Goals
Know Your Audience
Don’t Buy that New Domain Name Yet

Setting Up A Blog

Blog Review Checklist
Cardinal Sin #1: Launching With No Content
The Sidebar Is How Readers Know Things
Adsense Blog Says How to Blogmitize!


Added 5.09.06 Google Blogger — 403 Forbidden — How Could You Let that Happen!
Added 5.09.06 Google — Do You Have Something to Tell Me?


Five Design Basics to Never Forget
Success in a Blink and a Blink Test
More Blog Designs to Discuss
Blog Construction — What’s Your Function?


Added 6.13.06 WordPress Theme Viewer
Added 6.13.06 Great Finds: Over 875 Free WordPress Themes

HTML and Coding

Added 5.05.06 Great Find: Color and Font Codes
Added 6.11.06 Great Finds: EchoEcho on and on and on
ul and ol — The Secret Life of HTML Lists

Directories and Photo Sources

Directory Listings as Blog Promotion
Added 5.13.06 List of Blog Submission Sites
Great Photo Resources to Support Readers
Added 6.13.06 The Ultimate Blog Directory Handbook: Over 1800+ Submission Sites

Blogging Guide

Great Find: Tlog Blogging Tips Series

About Promotion . . . and Traffic

Blog Promotion Basics [for Everyone]
Building Traffic: Leaving Comments
Blog Promotion: Checking Out Curb Appeal
GAWKER Design: Curb Appeal as Customer-Centered Promotion
Why Doesn’t Pete Townshend Need to Do Promotion?
Blog Archive Promotion To-Do List

About Our Readers . . . and their comments

Audience is Your Destination
Know Your Audience
Writing for a Diverse Readership
Turning Reluctant Readers into Loyal Fans
How To Deal With Negative Comments
Blog Basics 1: Comments and Comment Policies

SEO Guide

Great Find: SEOmoz Beginner’s Guide
Technorati’s Family of Support Pages
Added 4.23.06 Title Tags and a Poem to Technorati
SEO–Five Traits of Relevant Content
SEO–Link Checking Tools
Check Google Backlinks Through Yahoo
Added 4.27.06 SEO The Secret Life of Search Engines


Link Love Raises Your Property Value
Blog Basics 2: How to Code Links
Think Before You Link
How to Code Accessible Links–Part 1
How to Find Homes for Your Links
Ignore Stinky Backlinks
Collaboration Link 1: Image and Text
No More NoFollow

Content and Writing Posts

How to Write Powerful Content that Powerfully Connects
Writing Killer Blog Posts
How Long Should Blog Posts Be?
How Often Should You Post?
Blogging Dos
Blogging Don’ts
The Benefits of a Conversational Style
Consistency In Writing Frequency
Added 5.13.06Writing for a Diverse Readership

Writer’s Block and Other Mysteries

How To Beat Writer’s Block
Questions about Burnout and Writer’s Block
Why Dave Barry and Liz Don’t Get Writer’s Block


Added 4.23.06Blogger/ Firefox–Editing Trap

Safety and Ethics

MUST HAVE: Content Theft Series
Great Find: Controlling Your Online Identity
Blogger’s Legal Guide

Checklists and Tools

Go Exploring Here for Checklists .
Go Exploring Here for Tools

Added 6.10.06 Great Find: Easy File Backups

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Top 10 Ways to Become a Miserable Blogger
FUN Finds: How to Be a Blogging Idol

Oh yes, and read Successful Blog everyday!