Why? Because — How Much More Do You Need?

At About Age 3

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“But Mom, I need one.”




Around age 3 1/2, iit becomes, “Because I said so.”

That’s when we begin to learn the power of the word because. That one word becomes ingrained in our mind. That one word because — becomes a reason for anything. Our parents teach us that.

Studies Prove It

Every parent knows the power of because. I read about it and learned even more about it when I was teaching first grade. This weekend when you’re out watch how often parents use it with kids. Think of your own experiences.

Then ask yourself, do I use it enough?

People like to know why things are happening, even when the reasons are obvious. When people don’t hear the why, they often don’t cooperate. They speculate — they fill-in missing information they seek with a negative. There’s no reason to leave people wondering why about anything. There’s always a because that will help out in some way.

Brian talked about the power of because and you. I’ve talked about because and you also. T his week, It’s a Numeric Life covered a study much like the one I first encountered about the word because.

If you don’t know how people respond to this powerful word, it’s worth a serious look. The data is amazing. Using that one word can get people on our side, get them willing to help and be on our team. That powerful word because should be central to every brand and our promotion strategy.

The relationship — the you and me — is everything that counts.

Why? Because without you, there is only me.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    He he, unfortunately i didnt have that much privileges till I was 21 due to various things.

    At 23 i got my first blog, then I said is it right site where i write, now I have decided to move to my new site because people told me that my current site wasnt the best to write about technology.

    Now that word because causes a lot of things to happen.

    I remember writing my school exams and a particular kind of questions called give reasons for. The answers to those always start with a because.

    So is today every reason you give has a because phrased one way or the other, like I couldn’t make it because I got stuck in unmovable traffic, the list goes on.

    But that’s because, because is the most reasoanable word to use. :)

  2. says

    Hmmm – why is it that I can’t get “Dorothy” out of my mind’s eye?

    That’ll show ya’ how old “we” are hahaha – how many do you think will understand THAT one?

  3. says

    I know that the movie came out in 1939. I grew up in a very small town. It took a long time for it to get there and I think it was on its second time around.

  4. says

    Chicago isn’t that small LOL (‘m pretty sure your not born there).

    Hey do me (yet another) favor, check out my post and vote on which pic I should use. PLEASE…
    I can’t decide which to use, they are the only ones I have.

  5. says

    Damn, that’s because I come here everyday.

    You are really good because, you are the best and no way I can miss reading what you say.

    BTW, I didn’t get by what you said I get the whole?

  6. says

    Hi Keith,
    What I mean by the “whole” is that you get the whole picture about things. You understand that because is such a reasonable worrd, because you understand the overall picture of how people view the world.

    I’m glad you come here often, Keith, because when you’re not here, I miss seeing you and hearing what you have to say. :)

  7. Tania from Germany says

    Something went wrong. I’ve just sent a whole post and didn’t work. I try it again. Sorry.

  8. Tania from Germany says

    It’s not working right now. I’ve made a copy of the post and try it again later. Sorry.

    Here we go:

    because“….I need to feed-back on this! It IS a reasonable word, in fact it’s a word of reason. At the same time it’s a very limiting word. Life is much more than reason. If it’s about the „invisible“ there is no „because“ even though we as humans assume so.

    I guess my words capture only a teeny glimpse on what’s my take on this. I find it difficult to express, not only due to the limits of my American….So I continue chewing.

  9. says

    I hear you saying that because is a word of reason not emotion. And that because it is not usually about feelings it limits what it can tell. I think you are saying sometimes there is no *because* we just think there is one.

    I hope I am close at capturing what you are trying to express.

  10. Tania from Germany says

    That’s pretty close.
    I’ve worked 20 years in holistic body-work and my clients drove me nuts with their constant “why?” about every physical sensation. Body-work is so much about sensing and feeling beyond “why?” and “because”. It’s about trust and the phenomenon…. I cannot explain why one person feels this and another person feels that.
    At the same time there is this humanly need to classify every”thing”…which I too have and which I do understand. So may be it’s about a balance beetween explaining and accepting.

  11. says

    There we go. You and I got it started and you explained the rest. . . .

    It’s like trying to explain pain and why some people feel it. You can’t. I get what you’re saying.Sometimes you can’t explain why something works. That’s when you go back to the mother’s trick and say, “because I said it will.” It’s the because that counts most not the reason. That’s what the research says.

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